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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Is Android missing prolific developers and writers? I am.


Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants (Latin: nanos gigantum humeris insidentes) is a Western metaphor with a contemporary interpretation meaning “one who discovers by building on previous discoveries”.

Apple has a vibrant and vocal community. For developers (and fans) there’re quite a few digital establishments where one could go to clench the thirst for news, discussion and, most importantly, knowledge. Famous Apple bloggers are playing not only a big part in providing news and commentary, their link-style posts also point (aspiring) fans and developers towards the places where other writers and developers share their knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t have to be code, most of the time it’s about philosophy and design choices1 .

I’ve been following the smartphone and tablet market for quite a few years now. My...

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I’m not even telling my friends everything!

This is yet another post related to the recent Nest acquisition by Google. I’m sorry. In my previous post I wrote about my fear of Google buying up companies that are providing useful products with practical purposes. Like the iHealth products I’m using to measure things about my health. Information I can choose to provide to my doctor, or keep to myself.

My previous post got linked on The Loop and Jim Dalrymple did put his finger on a sore spot; People, myself included, don’t seem to trust Google. And that’s bound to bite them in the ass.

Rene Ritchie wrote a great piece on the predatory nature of large companies (including Google) on iMore that I would recommend reading. Like Jim I agree with pretty much everything he says. Except this:

I value my privacy. I’m deeply concerned about who collects my data and how they use it. But I’m no more concerned about Google owning Nest than I...

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Scared of using useful products

The recent Nest acquisition by Google caused quite a few waves on the internet. The interesting thing to me is that a lot of the talk is quite negative towards Google, especially people who refuse to forget Google is an advertsing company seem worried about the implications of this acquisition. The fact that people invited Nest into their homes and now have Google is something to think about…

I’ve found the Nest products to be very interesting from the start, and from the reports and reviews I’ve read they’re actually quite useful. Before the news broke about Google acquiring Nest I didn’t consider it even once that the Californian ad giant would be even remotely interested in getting their hand on Nest. The first place my mind went after I read the news on Twitter was what the average CPC for “energy” was1 . The data Google could get from Nest should be useful in targeting adds around...

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